Want to help us protect rhino? Have ideas or just the desire to help fundraise?  Then we would love to hear from you.

Save the Waterberg Rhino is extremely grateful for all and every individual and/or organisation that provides help in fund raising and/ resource mobilisation.

We have had many people both adults and kids in the past create successful fundraising events where they have donated the funds to Save the Waterberg Rhino. Some past examples has been social dinners, bike rides, golf days, school events.

To maximise this assistance and to reduce any conflicts of interests or misunderstanding we have developed a third-party fundraising process. For anyone who is interested in assisting in fundraising please read the following information and contact Kelly at kelly@stwr.org.za for further information.


If you are planning a simple event that does not include dealing with the public (closed events with family, friends colleagues, classmates or birthday collections etc.) you do not need to do anything, if you just intend to pay across any raised funds as a simple collected donation. In this regard we consider you a donor and not a third-party fundraiser.

It is nice for us to hear in advance of such an event but it is not necessary. It is wise to make contact when the donation is deposited to that we can check and provide receipt of funds.

If an event is planned at a school or other closed group we can provide a confirmation letter that you intend STWR to be the benefactor of the funds you are raising if verification is needed.


For other events such as planned public events where tickets may be sold etc we require the fundraisers to contact us prior to the event, fill in an application form so we may evaluate the event and provide approval for STWR to be a benefactor.

It is important for us to know if Save the Waterberg Rhino’s name is being used in any public event so that we can confirm that it is a legitimate activity or event.

We have had people in the past use our name to raise funds for their own purposes, never inform us and pocket the money themselves. So we appreciate your understanding in being part of an approval process.

In such cases we require third-party fundraisers to acknowledge and agree to our conditions.

The reason for this are:

  •  To help encourage possible third-party fundraisers to assist STWR
  • To provide clear and concise instructions on how third-parties can provide support to STWR for raising funds and/ or resource mobilisation
  • To reduce any conflicting information or misunderstandings on how third-parties can get involved with fund raising
  • To reduce any misunderstandings on how stakeholders and partners can collaborate with STWR for fundraising purposes
  • To make sure all parties stay legally compliant within South African law
  • To make sure no third-party fundraisers or stakeholders compromises STWR reputation, their own reputation or breaches any code of conduct to the detriment of the organisation and/ or directors

We have provided a couple of documents to help provide more information. Please read the Summary and general guidelines along with the questions and answers documents. And please contact me for information and assistance.

And remember if you just want to donate you do not need to get approval this is only for public events where you are using Save the Waterberg Rhino’s name in a formal capacity.

Every Penny counts